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Discovery AgroTech

About my company

Discovery Agrotech is a reputed importer, supplier and e-commerce company. Our Agriculture is the only reliable and reputed institution of modern, urban and rural agricultural work, nursery, and roof farming for maintenance and nourishment needs and all other sprayers, organic and inorganic fertilizers, nursery use equipment.

We have been running this business with reputation for 17 long years and we have reached today's condition. We are always engaged in any of your needs. We provide agricultural equipment to any government, non-government, autonomous organization.

Our other activities are as follows: -

We have been working as a reputed advertising agency in print and electronic media for over 25 years. In addition, one of our security guard providers has been operating with a reputation for 25 years.

Our Related Companies:
    1. Discovery Agrotech
    2. Discovery Advertising
    3. Discovery ‍ Security Services Ltd.


In addition, Messrs. Suchana Agro has been working efficiently for 18 years as our partner and the only multipurpose supplier. Our retail supply is from 9/1 / C New Secretariat Road, Dhaka-1000. Online and wholesale delivery is from 161 Motijheel. Rahman Mansion, 6th floor, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000. Beside Madhumita Cinema Hall.